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November 2017
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bullet Sarge
18 Nov : 18:26
Text me Sunday if someone is on, family is all gone now and I have time :)
bullet Sarge
31 Oct : 09:46
Grab Left 4 Dead for $3 on Steam, much like COD Zombies but faster paced...I'd like to try it Co-op!
30 Oct : 23:36
CoD:WWII is out the 3rd, anyone in? Has single player campaign,multiplayer and zombies. Is this first for cod zombies?
bullet Cpl_Killalot
28 Oct : 18:15
Halloween Custom Maps Sunday Night On The Spearhead Server. Fun Times!!
bullet Sarge
22 Oct : 18:16
Actually making time this week to play, TEXT ME every night you are on if I'm not there!
bullet Sarge
20 Oct : 08:48
Get it while it's free, old game but amazing
28 Sep : 15:21
Everything you wanted to know about Call of Duty:World War2 PC Beta
bullet Cpl_Killalot
03 Sep : 20:09
U did not say which TS. lol
bullet Sarge
03 Sep : 09:20
I was on Redsbox TS, where were you, traitor? lol
bullet Cpl_Killalot
02 Sep : 22:31
You owe us $100!!

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WE PRIDE OURSELVES FOR BEING THE MOST USER-FRIENDLY GAMING SERVER AROUND. Reds Box Gaming is a growing community of friendly, like-minded individuals of all ages that enjoys healthy, competitive multiplayer gaming. All our servers are professionally hosted. The Server Admins all volunteer their time and effort so that we all may enjoy our gaming experience to the fullest. These game servers run exclusively from donations from players like you. We need funds to keep this show on the road so if you have a few Dollars to spare please donate via our Paypal link on the top right of the homepage. If you would prefer to donate via good old fashioned Postal Service we can accommodate that also. Please send an email to any admin for instructions. Any and all donations are appreciated, and {RI} (Reds Investor) status is awarded to all sponsors.

Please note: We do NOT ALLOW GMAIL, Hotmail accounts for registration as well as various other email providers due to spam abuse. Please use another provider if your email provider is blacklisted. Please contact admin if you want to use a email that is not allowed.

If you are an Old Reds Box Member you will have to re-register because of a web site move.

Server Admins - Game Servers
We host the following Servers:
ICCC Team Speak3 -
Reds Box Team Speak3 -
Medal of Honor Spearhead -

Do you like custom maps? We have gotten together with TWZ, [OTD], =TRS= clans to play custom maps 4 nights a week. Since we have started this it has been a blast. With new voices and players laughing having a great time. If this sound like something you would like to experience stop by for a great time.

Reds Box Gaming

[OTD] Older Than Dirt Clan

TWZ FragZone Gaming

Posted by Administrator on Wednesday 19 February 2014 - 21:40:28 | Comments are Off printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Here is a little menu we made for you to connect to the Inter Clans Custom Club servers. Try it I think you will like it alot. Has a easy read me file included.
Click on image to download
photo by [OTD]p0rKy (RIP our friend)

Posted by Administrator on Wednesday 19 February 2014 - 21:38:54 | Comments are Off printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Get your ICCC skins so you can tell who you are shooting in the back or bashing. Kind of fun knowing who you are fragging.

Posted by Administrator on Tuesday 18 July 2017 - 15:30:55 | Comments are Off printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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