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August 2018
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bullet Sarge
09 Jul : 07:54
That's actually a really good idea. I see that we have a ICCC discord now which is great, save even more money! :)
bullet Cpl_Killalot
08 Jul : 22:57
Yes ICCC will probably become 1 server instead of 3.
bullet Sarge
08 Jul : 22:43
I understand...would the ICCC keep going though? I'd realllllyyy hate to see that go away for good
bullet Cpl_Killalot
08 Jul : 22:28
More than likely. $60 every three months out of my pocket. $240 year. Tired of paying it. Klink did paid half.
bullet Sarge
08 Jul : 20:11
I don't personally really use the website...but are we shutting down the Reds Mohaa server?!
bullet Cpl_Killalot
08 Jul : 19:48
Anyone using the web site anymore for anything? If not the game server and web site will close at the end of the year.
bullet Cpl_Killalot
13 Jun : 08:59
I have cancelled TS3 since you guys are using Discord now.
bullet Rock
21 Apr : 13:41
So So Sorry to hear about Klink. When he loged on to the game , suddenly it was more fun. I will miss him.
bullet KillingMeSoftly
21 Apr : 09:31
Sorry to hear about Klink. I haven't played in a while. (was regular when Porky was on). Klink was always kicking my butt but so did everyone!
bullet Cpl_Killalot
19 Apr : 08:51
Sad day guys Klink Sam Kinkaid passed. I put a post in the forums. He will be truly missed!

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